River Clean up - 20.05.2017


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Another great clean up happened at the Rednitz river from Alt-Katzwang to Mühlhof in 3,5h.
17 Volunteers helped to get the trash out of the river. It was windy, sundy, but as well cold for Spring. Some of the trash pieces were really heavy and we need to lift with 3-4 people, whilst balancing on the SUP, not easy but a lot of fun :)

A special thanks to super guide Paul (boardnerds) who helped us to navigate throught the river current.


Pick of the day:

many plastic bottles, plastic bags, lost fishing gear!! 2 footballs, pieces of cars, plastic cover, trash bags filled with single-used trash (disgusting...) plastic toys, shisha pipe and more....


a big thanks to all volunteers, boardnerds and the SOER (local trash management for picking up the trash).




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