Beach Clean up - Marienberg Park

16.03.2019 10-12 Uhr


A big thank you to all eco warriors, beach and park cleaner to show up at such a f*** weather.


The park is full of plastic trash and we could not even clean 1/8 of the park.

So we definitely need to come back soon.. . You all have contributed that the trash get not further blown away in nature, rivers and end up in the sea, as the balloon I showed you at the beginning.


Please do not let go balloons in nature, as it will end up one day in the sea.


A special thanks to Caro, who organized and managed the 2nd meeting point and Maria for a great and experienced trash separation.

Thanks again, get some dry clothes and see you soon :)



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Beach Clean up - Marienbergpark

16.03.2019 10-12am


Meeting point 1: Sonnengartenstrasse 

Meeting point 2: Braillestrasse, entrance of the park


>> Please bring your own gloves this time.
>> Be on time, as we walk straight into the park.


We split the groups to be more effective and meet at the lake at the end.

Happy to see you all.