We have learnt already that microbeads in some of the personal care items we are using are made from plastic, which means it find its way through the 

waterways and in the seafood we eat.

Another No-Go for me: most of this plastic containing products are packaged in plastic.


Surely and not slowly it is getting less and less personal care items in our bath room and it feels so good:

  1. We swapped the plastic toothbrush with the sustainable bamboo tooth brush and use it since a year. 
  2. Instead of a fancy soap liquid filled in plastic bottles, we use a simple bar soap, without any packaging
  3. and we have replaced the plastic bottled hair shampoo and shower gel with hair and body soap bars.

body care


tooth cleaning tabs


alternative to toothpaste, zerowaste!

seen by #dentatabs or #lush


I tested tabs from a zero waste store, which come package-free which was even better.. 


Dental Floss


biodegradable product 

made of pure silk with unscented beeswax and biodegradable packaging (cover corn starch). 

make your own toothpaste


Recipe: 1 table spoon baking soda (natron),

3 spoon of coconut oil,

15 drops of peppermint oil,  all mixed in an re-used glas pot - done


another recipe: 

make your own eye make up remover / facial cleansing

  • 2 tablespoon of coconut oil 
  • 1,5 cups of warmed water
  • 10-15 little wash cloths (old pillow, t-shirt)
  • 2 up-cycleds jars with lid, one for the new and one for the used pads.

Mix coconut oil and water, let the cloths soak with the liquid. Wring out the liquid and store the pads in one of the jars. The other jar is to use for the used pads.




sustainable creme Deo

swear off microbeads


Check the labels of exfoliating products like face scrubs and your current toothpaste and make sure they don’t list ingredients like polyethylene and polypropylene. 

You can use as well the Microbead APP by

>> Check Research/Abbreviations to understand the ingredients

body/health  Care



get one of the free micro bead checker (free APP)

  • toxfox
  • beathemicrobead
  • codecheck

AVOID microbeads in cosmetic, body and hygiene products.


100% fair cotton Q-tip, no plastic stick!

back to bar soap


Instead of liquid soap in a plastic dispenser.  


SAY NO! to plastic


you can find stone tiles to soak out left over water after soap usage (eg. travertin stone from ottoman)

Hair Soap 


Pure nature ingrediants, eg. coconut oil. There are so many different Hair soap bars out there, for any type of hair and needs.



Skin Care


There is a lot of natural skin care in the market, but the packaging is most of the time (recycled) plastic. We need alternatives, as glas, or cardboard. Innovate young brands are offering already plastic and plastic packaged free products.

I use a simple coconut oil coming in a glas mason jar :) 


Use a bar soap especially for shaving, and use a razor with replaceable blades (not whole disposable ones)