Videos for the education ebook  -  Kids for the ocean (coming out in fall 2018)

Kapitel: The fragility of the ocean

Video 1

Albatross - Midway Island - by  Chris Jordan (3:49min)

Video 3

Seashepherd - If the Oceans die, we die (1:10min)

Video 5

Plankton and the impact of marine litter in our food chain?

Matthew Cole, Plymouth Marine Labs, Five Films.

Video 2

Plastik im Meer - Ocean Care (3:10min)

Ocean pollution and the challenges for marine eco system and human beings.

Video 4

What does it mean Marine Litter? UNEP, Two Minutes on Oceans
(2:13 min)

Video 6
Captain Charles Moore on a Mission.
The Plastic Soup Foundation & Algalita.

Kapitel: Where is the trash coming from?

Video 7

Every single minute a truck dumps waste into the ocean.. 

Video 9 more videos in english hier:

Trash Talk NOAA

Video 8

The 5 Gyres from Lucie Barnett. Be part of the solution not the pollution. 

Kapitel: What is plastic?

Video 10

Plastik Planet von Werner Boote (1:35h)

check the english version online - sometimes there is a free version available on Youtube. 


Video 11

Video 13

Microbeads, Microplastic

Video 12

The Story of Microbeads

Video 14

The story of microfibers

Kapitel: impact on health and environment

Video 15

95% of the fulmaris glaciaris (bird) are affected with plastic in their guts... 

Video 16

Welcome to the plastic age.

Kapitel: what can you do to fight against ocean pollution?

Video 17

Video 19

Beach cleaner Homestory on TV

(german only)


We show it is possible to live a plasticfree live!


Video 18

River Clean UP with beach cleaner and boardnerds.

Video 20

What is needed to make plastic, what is it? (in german)

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