simple first steps - Grocery shopping

  1. Take a shopping basket or cotton bag to carry your grocery
  2. Avoid plastics - over packaged products
  3. Look for sustainable & local products 
  4. Go to your local butcher instead of getting meat in packaged styrofoam from supermarket
  5. Stop buying bottled water - bring a reusable water bottle made of stainless or glas 
  6. Use mason jars when grocery shopping to store all your bulk food items.
  7. Replace your plastic food storage bags with stainless steel tins or mason jars.
  8. Reduce plastic packaging in your cleaning routine by making your own natural cleaners.
  9. Avoid microbeads in your exfoliating face or body wash.
  10. Switch to body and hair bar soap and shampoo to avoid plastic packaging.
  11. Buy plastic-free beauty, hygiene, and cleaning products, like bamboo toothbrushes, plastic-free makeup brushes and natural material sponges.

   12.  Ask yourself if its really necessary to buy always                    new things, consider second hand or DIY

  13. SAY NO! to plastic straws!

  14. Disposable lighters are found unfortunatly       quite             often in the oceans nowadays, use matches,

         sustainable & degradable


bring your own bag


  • Use cotton or jute bags - refuse any plastic bag, there are so yesterday!
  • Bring your own container for meat and prepared foods to the supermarket to carry fruits/veggies instead of getting a thin plastic bag.
  • Buy grocery items packaged in glass instead of plastic when possible  
  • Re-usable eco friendly beachcleaner cotton bag for  grocery shopping 
    please contact us for orders via email 
  • bring your own super light bag to fill in groceries directly (eg from a zero waste store) 

no excuse for single use

  • Put your take-away lunch & drinks in re-usable glas or tableware, its even better for storage in the fridge 
  • If you go out for ice cream order a cone - avoid the styrofoam cup and plastic spoon - yummie.. 
  • Keep a real (metal or wodden) spoon and fork in a baggy in your car, and at your desk
  • Use paper boxed handkerchieves - not the double/triple plastic wrapped packages 
  • Instead of having a plastic coffe mug to-go, please take your own re-usable pot with you and let it refilled at the coffee shop