what can you do to fight ocean pollution
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Beach Clean Ups


Sea Shepherd has done a great job and put some checklists and to-dos together, as well the marine tracker form to take part on international marine debris tracker analysis.


How to start:

  • get familiar with the area you want to clean up upfront
  • tell the local trash managemant that you are planning to do the clean up
  • tell the local news about it
  • get enough gloves, bags to collect the trash
  • find volunteers in social areas (shools, but as well companies)
  • tell the volunteers upfront why you are doing this 
  • near coastal areas or other water areas make sure that everyone is save and nobody gets to close to the water (especially kids!)
  • separate the trash you have found together with the group and analyse the trash - there are always curiosities which are fun to share with all
  • summarise with all the catch of the day, ask about the main polluter (cigaret butt, pet bottles, ...) and discuss mitigation strategies, how you can start to live a plastic free live (you can find a lot here on my website) 
  • as I support Sea Shepherd it make sense that we all use the same forms and lists to clean up the planet, they have as well a huge volunteer network and sometimes it make sense to organise it together :)



quickstarter - plasticfree living
some easy first steps to change from single use plastic to no plastic
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Bottled Water - makes no sense
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Coloring by Christoph Kellner // studio animanova for Kids for the Ocean
Colorings for Kids for the Ocean - get creative
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"If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and change" 

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"be the change you want to see in the world"

Mahatma Ghandi


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