Microbeads are small, round plastics added to facial scrubs, toothpastes, and other exfoliating personal care products. Unfortunately, they're so small that they slip right through standard water filtration and have been washing up in oceans, lakes, rivers with some serious repercussions for the environment and health.

How plastic microbeads are causing big problems. At just 0.3mm in size, the tiny microbeads in your facial scrub are doing more bad than good.


Labels of exfoliating products like face scrubs and your current toothpaste list probably ingredients like polyethylene and polypropylene. There are already alternatives out there without using microbeads.


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There is as well country specific information about microbeads in beauty products.

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Please avoid products with microbeads/plastic eg Peeling, some toothpaste, sun creme..)

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