Marine litter is an ever growing issue and awareness raising campaigns are essential to tackle this issue and change behaviors. Awareness raising through education for school children (aged 6-18 years old) has the potential to have a long-term greater impact as children are more prone to behavioral change.

Exploration of the natural world is an important phase in educational development at this stage. The heart of childhood is the critical period for bonding with their neighbourhood ecosystem. Due to children’s expanding knowledge of their environment, it becomes increasingly important to immerse them in the possibilities of their natural surroundings.


The ocean covers 70% of the earth’s surface and is essential for life on our "planet ocean" – even for those who live nowhere near the sea. Most importantly, it regulates our climate and provides half of the oxygen we breathe. It is home to a spectacular underwater world, hosting over estimated 230.000 known species.


Through this education initiative ‘Kids for the Ocean’, individuals will understand the connection between their lifestyle choices and the collective community impacts of plastic and trash in our oceans. Moreover, this programm aims to reduce litter in general and promote long-term behaviour change among youth. 

In doing so it addresses pollution in our oceans through: 

- Marine Education: The key to an informed community making healthy decisions for our oceans.

- Advocacy: Influencing family members and local leaders to address the plastic pollution problem in our oceans.

- Beach and River Clean-ups: A hands-on way to stop pollution before it reaches the ocean or lakes.

- Prevention: Providing alternatives to single use plastics such as bring your own grocery bag, opt for a re-usable water bottle etc. 

Beachcleaner education program - kids for the ocean

Educational sustainability concept KIDS FOR THE OCEAN
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We offer class room education, beach clean ups for schools incl. trash analysis and alternatives to plastic in our daily lives. 

As beachcleaner is non-profit we charge a fee for 1,5 -2 hour/presentation to cover our expenses. Please support beachcleaner in saving the oceans.


School reports from Germany:;art215,2970332


"If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and change" 

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