beach and River clean up on SUPs with Boardnerds - August 2016

Mühlhof - Nürnberg


It was amazing and such a fun clean up on Stand-Up-Paddle boards with a great crew, perfect water and weather conditions, a great guide and a lot of trash!!


We have found and collected: 1 plastic slide, 2 huge plastic street barriers, a helmet, a wheel,  plastic bootles, bags, and foils, styrofoam food packaging, cans, glas bottles and a bicycle!!  


The boardnerds are an amazing team and directly located at the Rednitz river with a great backyard and direct entrance to the water. It is really worth to spend a day there, doing SUP and have a great time unplugged, enjoying the nature and life. I think they turned into ecowarriors in the first couple of minutes in the water :) GREAT JOB!! MANY THANKS #ecowarriors #saynotoplastic #collectitbinitfeelgood #protecthwatyoulove


A big thanks as well to Jan for the image-film  powered by rengy4all :)