Purchase wooden toys - without toxic plastics!


Check alternatives made out of sustainable materials (Lego >> ciddi-toys).


BIOBLO building blocks sustainable material

There are books made of recycled materials and eco colours, without any toxic material. Unfortunatley most of the children books are laminated with plastic, baby books are often completely made of plastic!

to go 


Perfect for school kids glass bottle with sleeve (borosilicate glass)

stainless steel lunch box for kids & parents -

eco and health friendly!

there are already plasticfree online stores with plasticfree clothing and wellies for Kids ,more under

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health care 


Use cotton cloth nappies! 

Easy to change and clean - protect the environment. Disposable diapers are full of toxins and irritants.

tips for day-cares, holiday camps 


- parents to inform about zero waste initiative

- use chalk board for information, avoid plastic foils for communication

- refill bottles and refill lunchbox to bring by parents

- all families have to bring a "wet-bag" for wet clothes to return to parents every day (to avoid single-use plastic bags)

wet towels per child for changing (cloth) diapers

- no plastic wrapped food

- no fast food

- no straws

- no plastic PET bottles, switch to stainless steel

- use loose tea - no tea-bags

- avoid food waste, less is more

- reuse old fabrics instead of plastic sponges

- waste separation / education with young kids

- cleaning products to buy in bulk bins, refill stations

- gift wrapping only with used paper/news paper 

- wooden toys, less is more

- reuse cardboard boxes for free-play

- kids camp gardening, plant trees and veggies

- provide food and little bird houses

- DIY chalk, DIY glue


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