River Clean up Rednitz - powered by beach cleaner and boardnerds - 01.09.2018


Another river clean up took place at the first "end-of-summer" day in Germany. 16 highly active volunteers cleaned in high-spead between riverbanks, woods and a strong current.

It was as always a lot of fun and everyone stayed on the boards. 


Catch of the day:

cigarette butts, plastic and glass bottles, plastic bags, a plastic chair, plastic piece (maybe table top), cans, toys and foils.


A big thanks to the lovely boardnerds crew to guide us through the river. 


As always a big thanks to SOER, city waste management Stadt Nürnberg, to pick up the trash later this week.


#everyactioncounts #saynotoplastic #zerowaste #protectwhatyoulove #beachcleaner #boardnerds

#soer #stadtnuernberg 






Photos: beach cleaner and Stephan Körner