The kids in Jakarta floating through a sea of plastic, seem to be far away, but the environmental problem is just around everyones corner. 


A recent study released by the 5 Gyres Institute estimates that there are currently 5.25 trillion plastic particles in the ocean. 

  • Sources of this waste are wide ranging including plastic fishing nets, food and beverage containers, microbeads from personal care items, cosmetics, straws, and bags just to name a few..
  • It is estimated that ingestion of plastic kills 1 million marine birds and 100,000 marine animals each year.
  • It is more than a tremendous plastic problem in our food chain, plastics entangle marine animals and make movement impossible - killed by plastic bottles, can holders, plastic based fishing nets, because we have failed to recycle properly.
  • Only 12% of our plastic waste will be recycled  the rest goes into landfills or into the ocean..

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Plastics Ban list 2016
Over the last 50 years, plastic has become the packaging material of choice for many of the goods we consume. It is very harmful for our body and entire healthsystem, sea life & marine eco system. There is a Great report driven by the 5gyres, surfrider, upstreampolicy and cleanproduction, absolutely worth reading it
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