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beachcleaner was born during a summer break on a small island with tourist and remote beaches. Somewhere a long the line it has started - the pollution of our beaches, coastlines and oceans. We can not look away anymore, if you see plastic floating around in the waves or stuck on the beach. Just collect it - bin it - feel good!


Most of the marine litter - 80% of the plastic trash in the oceans - is land based! which means the source of the problem comes from the mainland, driven by us. Each year 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans, injuring hundreds of thousands of marine wildlife and seabirds. 54% of these species on the red list are entangled by gill nets, fishing nets, plastic can holders, plastic bags, and other plastic garbage from the oceans. Lost fishing gears of commercial overfishing, cigarette butts on beaches and single-used-plastics are the majority of plastic marine debris. 

Check the degradation time of these plastic pieces here, plastic never goes away...

We live in Germany, and we have some major plastic waste problems as well in the North Sea. 95% of the Northern Fulmar (fulmaris glacialis  "Eissturmvogel")  have ingested plastic debris in their gut and die. 


beachcleaner is not just a non-profit family initiative, it is a movement to an eco conscious way of living & lifestyle with the aim to go plastic free. 

With this site we want to raise the awareness for our environment, oceans, lakes, and forests, offer simple alternatives to our plastic life and start projects to stop the destruction of our eco system by plastic trash (education (kids for the ocean) - alternatives - beach clean ups).


quickstarter - plasticfree living
some easy first steps to change from single use plastic to no plastic
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quickstarter plasticfree

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"If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and change"

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