Yoga Sound and Sea Festival  

21.06. - 24.06.2017 


We supported the first international zero waste Yoga Festival at the  Steinberger See, in Germany.

4 days pure fun, yoga, SUP, beach clean ups and a conscious community made the event unforgettable.


After a beach cleaner talk and the launch of the book kids for the ocean,  we cleaned the entire festival area, including the beach. 

The most found item, as usual, cigaret butts..


Thanks to everyone for the participation and interest in this topic. #karmayoga

#everyactioncounts #saynotoplastic #unverpackt #zerowaste #protectwhatyoulove #beachcleaner 


What a great and successful festival


Facebook Event:


A big thank you to Jan Carl Editing and Julian Perge for the great video.