Meeresschützer Tag in Bremen -  18.02.17 Universität Bremen

Sea Shepherd & Friends


in collaboration with  firmm and Hard to Port


Thank you Bremen and Sea Shepherd for having us, is was very inspiring all presentations and talks!! 

you can find a nice summary by  about the speaker series with Hart to Port, firmm, seashepherd, beachcleaner and more.

You can watch the full presentation here, the beachcleaner part starts at timer 3:34 hour.



Have fun and get inspired! 

presentation Unverpackt & Zero Waste Leben




Casablanca Cinema -  Sunday, 16.07.17, 11.30am -
discussion after "a Plastic Ocean"


Frühjahrslust in Anwanden, Sunday, 09.04.17 - Anwanden


Fairgoods -  Sunday, the 26.03.17 - 3.30pm - AEG Nürnberg, Halle 16


Bio-Diva - Sunday, the 19.02.17 - 2.30pm - Z-Bau, Nürnberg 




Talk @ Schwarzmarkt #2 - Saturday, 26.11.16 - Z-Bau, Nürnberg


Josephs - Saturday, 29.10.16 - 2pm - Josephs, Nürnberg


Josephs - Monday, 17.10.16 - 5.30pm - Josephs, Nürnberg


Gemeindezentrum St. Rochos - Friday, 14.10.16 - 8pm - Zirndorf


Bunker - Friday, the 07.10.17 - 7.30pm  - Bunker, Thalmässing


Speaker Series -  Unverpackt - Zero Waste - 2016


Together as a trio we start a speaker series to raise the awareness about the plastic pollution as such and the effect on our health and nature eco systems, we offer alternatives for your daily life, plus there is a sneak preview of the new zero waste store, to open in 2017, in Nürnberg (ZeroHero Unverpackt Nürnberg by Thomas Linhardt).




come and join an inspirational session.. 

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Mahatma Ghandi