It is Global Coastal Clean up day!  16.09.2017 

Wöhrder See Nürnberg 
What a great collab between boardnerds, Sparkasse Nürnberg and the beachcleaner, to celebrate the social day of Sparkasse Nürnberg.


Catch of the day:  

- lost fishing gear (in the lake!!)

- plastic bags

- plastic bottles

- cans

- ballons with strips!! 

- balls

- shoes

- straws

- q-tipps

- to go cups

- glass bottles

 and more 


One group was hunting on boardnerds SUPs and the coast team was collecting plastic trash around the lake, plus got creative with GO-Kids upcycling activities at the beach.


All together we have separated the collected trash for recycling and the local trash management.

I hope much more companys got inspired to run social days & beach clean ups to raise awareness against plastic pollution.


More on their event page:


A big thanks to Sparkasse Nürnberg, and Go-Kids Nürnberg


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