Beach Clean up - 
Waldorf 100 

09.05.2019. Pegnitzgrund

with Rudolf Steiner Schule Nbg



In collab with Waldorf 100 and the Rudolf Steiner School in Nuremberg we have organized a great clean up at the lake and riverside in Nuremberg-East 


This is how it looks like:

90 students,3 engaged teacher, 3 parents &

kathi, anne from movement.


Many plastic bottles, to-go cups, cigarettes, styrofoam, plastic bags, glas bottles, a camping chair! a cash machine, shoes, a carpet, straws, etc were found.. sorted and analysed by the team 💙🙏🌊  the clean up happened during @waldorf_100 campaign and festivities.


We hope more schools get inspired and take part in eco activations 💙🌊 


A special thanks to @surfriderger @surfridereurope for the great education poster and #SOER for picking up the collected trash to recycling facility


#aufklärung #awareness #saynotoplastic #beachcleaner#protectwhatyoulove #parentsforfuture  @waldorfeducation @waldorf_100 @schule_neu_denken @waldorfschule @ Pegnitz River, Nuremberg, Germany 

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Mahatma Ghandi


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