Beach Clean up Goldbach Wöhrder Wiese - 22.04.2017


Many thanks to all volunteers!! It was a very successful Earth Day event, despite the cold & the rain, cleaning the Goldbach (river) and one of the lake sides at the Wöhrdersee in Nürnberg, a picnic area.


catch of the day:

-cigarette butts in thousands

- fireworks

- balloons

- foam pieces

- grocery bags

- kids bike 

- trash from constructions side - PET bottle 

   - bottle caps (plastic and metal - straws

   - packaging of sweets

   - take away container

   - big metal frame

   - tiny little plastic trash pieces


Thanks to the public trash management SOER to fund the gloves, bags and picking up the trash!!

A big thanks to Elisabeth Haertelt and Vanessa Knüttel for the video footage!


Earth Day ends with a great kids music concert by Sam from  thesongmap at the lovely lunchbox in Nürnberg, worth a visit!!


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Mahatma Ghandi


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