beach / outdoor clean ups & Speaker Series


Speaker series 

Stadtverführungen Beach Clean up 

 September 2018

Beach Clean up - Earthday

April 2018


Beach Clean up Netherlands

August 2018

Beach Clean up - Wöhrder see

March 2018


  • 16.11. Bundesweiter Vorlesetag (Lunch Box)
  • Yoga Sound & Sea Festival June 2019


                    River Clean up Rednitz 

                           September 2018

Yoga Sound and Sea festival

June 2018

Beach Clean up Pegnitzauen
November 2017

Beach Clean ups  Sylt August 2017

Beach Clean up Global Clean up Day

September 2017

River Clean up Rednitz
 July 2017

Beach Clean up Castelldefels
June 2017

River Clean up Rednitz
May 2017


Global  Beach clean up day - Nürnberg  - September 2016

beach cleaning French Coast - Cote D'azur

May 2016

start lokal - beach clean up in Nürnberg

April 2016  

beach clean up Goldbach Wöhrder Wiese
April 2017

beach clean up Maldives - Parley ocean school November 2016

River cleaning Rednitz

August 2016

beach clean up in Nürnberg

March  2016  

Beach Clean up Labenwolf Gymnasium

December 2016

beach clean up Castelldefels -Barcelona

  July 2016  

Meet the Crew - Sea Shepherd in Herzogenaurach

April 2016

beach clean up bei adidas Herzogenaurach -

  April 2016  


beach clean up Sea Shepherd

September 2015 

beach clean up

August 2015 

start lokal 1st beach clean up Nürnberg city  november 2015 

beach clean up  Italy  

August 2015

beach clean up

november 2015 

beach clean up Ibiza  

MAY 2015

what we do to the oceans - we do to ourselves.. 


Whenever YOU are going outdoors, please make sure to leave the nature tidy & clean if you see plastic bags or any other plastic pieces floating in the water, please take it out be a role model for others, they will realise what you are doing and might help next time. Thank you so much for your support, 

take care of you and the oceans, 



F O L L O W  U S 

"be the change you want to see in the world"

Mahatma Ghandi

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Nürnberg / Germany