In the age of plastic there are way too many plastic bags sleeping in your cupboards or cellars, supermarkets, pharmacies, retail stores and more..The proportion of plastic bags to plastic waste in total is very high and plays a major role in the plastic garbage floating in our oceans. I was observing people doing groceries and still take a plastic bag at the cashier, even they know - WE HAVE A HUGE PLASTIC PROBLEM.


But it is so convenient and change does not mean for everyone- change starts by yourself! Watching this, my bring-your-own-bag initiative & beachcleaner was born. The bag allows you to do your daily grocery shopping or even collect waste wherever you are. The bag will raise awareness and help to educate others to a sustainable living & lifestyle. The bag is made of öko-tex cotton and bio-printed.   




Look at the pinboard, many people have already supported the bring-your-own-bag initiative and the movement is growing.

Please send me your picture using the bag, wherever you are on a lovely beach, in the city, in your kitchen, doing groceries, etc..  Many thanks for your commitment to the sea & your support!



And of course get your own cotton bag here. 

beachcleaner bag travels the world......

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"be the change you want to see in the world"

Mahatma Ghandi


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