what we do to the oceans - we do to ourselves.. 


Founder of Beach Cleaner  


Years ago I joined my first beach clean ups in Malaysia on a wonderful coconut palm tree island, Pulau Perhentian Kecil, where I ended up to stay a couple of weeks.


The Perhentian Islands were once home to a significant green and hawksbill sea turtle nesting population. Now the islands receive only 300 nestings per year, due to the environmental changes at the coastlines and the sea. 


The local and international diver community have organized beach & riff clean ups to raise the awareness for clean oceans & beaches. 

Inspired by this experience, I have done an international management training (MOOC) about the effects of Marine Litter (a program run by the UNEP and the Open University of the Netherlands).


I have started to work on a kids education program about marine litter & the fragility of the ocean, the program includes as well alternatives to plastic.


Where ever I am, I strive collecting plastics at beaches

in hope for a better marine life - a better planet -  a better future.


Anne Mäusbacher anne@beachcleaner.de

(© beachcleaner - founded 2015)

Eco Family 


My lovely husband and my passionate son are true ecowarriors and support my idea and initiative from the early stages, back in 2015. 


Both are always on a plastic trash hunt at beaches, oceans, parks, lake sides, wherever we are. 


On our journey to a plastic free household everyone in our family is constantly looking for alternatives to replace old plastic tools with new eco innovative materials and tools. 


Without them my household would never be in the stage as it is now. We have reduced our weekly garbage amount by ca. 80%: we separate organic garbage, paper, glas, and the small amount of packaging/plastic we still need to deal with. 



The Beach Cleaner Family 


new Partner in crime


We are very pleased and happy to welcome Kathi on board of our journey to a plastic free planet.


Being an ambitious working mum with a huge passion for climate change, sustainability and eco topics it was clear that we finally met and fight together for a cleaner, plastic free world. 


Kathi supports us to roll out our ambassador program  "kids for the ocean" for kindergarden kids, school kids & teens and organizing beach clean ups.



Kathi Liss



(August 2016)

Whenever YOU are going outdoors, please make sure to leave the nature tidy & clean if you see plastic bags or any other plastic pieces floating in the water, please take it out be a role model for others, they will realise what you are doing and might help next time. Thank you so much for your support, 

take care of you and the oceans, 


© beachcleaner - 2017 - anne@beachcleaner.de

Nürnberg / Germany

"be the change you want to see in the world"

Mahatma Ghandi